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Welcome to the LSWCW Wiki

Welcome to the tropical LSWCW wiki hotel!! Here you can learn,give, and talk about LSWCW (Lego Star Wars Clone Wars). You can make your room here too. We are happy for you to be here and ask for room service or help if you want. When editing certain pages make sure to follow the edit rules in the lobby (here). Also go to the hotel chat room if you want. Have fun!!!!

Before editing, look at the rules first.

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9wiki's birthday is here! 23rd of April is 9wiki's birthday!! Lets celebrate!

Season 3 is out! watch epsiodes right now!

Stanley just said that LSWCW is going to go bankrupt~! Help us please!

Rules of editing

1. Edit with purpose. Please do not post spam or links to other sites.

2. upload pictures that have purpose with the topics. You can upload images for your profile though.

3. porn is not allowed! No images or no talking about this disgraced topic!

4. No bad words or racism got it. No bad words at all! "darn it' though is allowed.

5. Do not spam pages with text or images please.

6.Do not delete pages without putting up a notice and telling me. I will take care of it (or the other hotel managers)

7.Want to become a hotel manager? Ask clone commander dominos or clone comander dominos.


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This website talks about L.S.W.C.W ( lego star wars clone wars tv series). This wiki is under counstruction so please feel free to help edit. The tv series can be viewed via this link!

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a photophore unhinges its body to attack. Note the escal lure on the end of its tail

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